Weekly delivery of the Free Jive paper with live web advertisements to 3000+ inboxes
Monthly newsletter with special offerings to over 50 restaurants & services

Online version of the FJW with live web advertisements

Full social media campaign coupled with MTS Centre weekly ticket giveaways.

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We have created successful and unique methods of getting our client’s ads into people’s hands and minds with partners such as the Winnipeg Goldeyes, Manitoba Moose, Winnipeg Humane Society and MTS Centre.

60,000+ Free Jive Weekly papers have been distributed over the past 2 years at our Winnipeg promos in which we’ve awarded over $30,000 in prizes including NFL trips, Golf Memberships, & ticket giveaways!

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On the Street.

4000+ papers delivered weekly to over 200 restaurants and coffee shops

Our “Interactive Hidden Answer” element ensures that the reader looks at the print in every ad

Retro vinyl record displays get prominent placement within each location

Our publication is exclusively delivered by the DASCH Foundation

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